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Minuteman Team Rubicon A11 Watch White Dial Ameriquartz USA Movt (Pre-Order)

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Please read the following carefully:


 We expect completed watches will start shipping as early as October and as late as end of November. For updates be sure to check our listings here on our site and our social media. We will also add you to a special newsletter and will send updates along the way. So please be sure to check any emails from us.

For those ordering from the USA, part of the proceeds from each Team Rubicon watch sold will go to Team Rubicon in the United States. For those ordering from Canada, the United Kingdom, or Australia, the money will go to the Team Rubicon chapters in those countries.

Introducing the Team Rubicon / Minuteman A11. These watches are powered by the new Ameriquartz USA movement. The watches and movements will be assembled in the USA.

The Minuteman Team Rubicon A11 is a watch built to honor the spirit of selflessness and comradery exhibited by the military and its veterans, who continue to serve their country long after their tours of duty are over by partnering with Team Rubicon to serve on emergency response teams throughout the country and the world.


The Team Rubicon A11 is based on the U.S. Military WWII A11. The Minuteman update of this iconic design is a partnership in its own right – between Minuteman and FTS, based out of Fountain Hills, Arizona. FTS hand-assembles each Team Rubicon A11 in the USA out of a combination of domestic and imported parts. In our estimation, they are the most American quartz movements available on the market today.


The Team Rubicon A11 pays homage to the brave veterans who volunteer for Team Rubicon by including a monochromatic Team Rubicon logo on the watch face. In addition, a portion of each Team Rubicon A11 sold goes to support the Team Rubicon mission of serving vulnerable and at-risk populations affected by disaster.


Team Rubicon assembles teams made up largely of former military volunteers and organizes them by skill sets so they can deploy rapidly to where they can be the most effective in a crisis. Since its founding in 2010, Team Rubicon has deployed thousands of volunteers across the globe to provide urgent relief to communities in need. The Team Rubicon A11 is a bold and beautiful statement of support for Team Rubicon’s global mission of service and aid. Part of the proceeds from each Team Rubicon sold will go to this great charity. The next person they help just might be you!


  • Stainless Steel case

  • Heavy duty 2pc nylon strap

  • Sapphire crystal

  • Width without crown: 38mm

  • Water resistant: 100 meters

  • Thickness: 10.5mm

  • Lug width: 20mm

  • Lug tip to lug tip length: 45mm

  • Ameriquartz 7122 quartz movement assembled in the USA by FTS

  • Luminous hands and dial

Three payment Option:


Payment 1: $67 non-refundable deposit

Payment 2: $66 (Approximately April 1st)

Payment 3: $66 plus shipping (approximately August 1st)

Shipping: $12 (US), $35 (international)

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 Some of you may be wondering why we choose Fine Timepiece Solution to build our new watches. FTS is a new company that is working to bring mass production of watches back to the United States. We would like to help in their noble efforts.

For those of you that still might want to know more. You can find out more about the people behind it by visiting the links below.