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Lower priced Minuteman watches project for 2019

Some of you have seen this on our social sites. Minuteman watches is working on a project for 2019 which ticks a few boxes. Over the years we've been asked for things like, smaller watches, lower priced watches, and watches with quartz movements that don't have screw down crowns. This project which we are calling Project 250 is smaller in size, lower in price, and simpler to use as there is no crown to unscrew and the movement does not have to be kept wound. 

This design is based on the classic World War II era A11 field type watch. We've tweaked it a bit by adding our name and logo to the dial in a way you don't typically see on a watch. These will also have both a day and a date function. The watch hands are not typical for an A11 and will be of a higher quality than what have been used in official military issue A11 watches. For the most part the dial colors are conservative and in keeping with the military theme. However we may offer at least one version with a bolder dial color that one would not expect to find on an A11 watch. Whether we offer that color or not depends on all of you. 

At present we are having sample parts made so we can do some test fitting and show you photos of the actual watches rather than using renders which is always what we have done to date. We also hope that by doing more upfront with the project before we start accepting orders via presale that it will speed up our whole process. Which we hope means those of you that preorder one will not have to wait as long as you normally would to get your watch. 

Here are some renders that were done for us by a very talented fan of our brand.  For the strap we will not be using what is shown here. We will be using a 2 pc double thick Zulu style nylon strap. The colors we will use on the strap will most likely be drab green, and black. 

Renders by Heath Wasson http://heathw.cgsociety.org


First up is this grey. Now we are concerned about the contrast of the white against the grey. Unless we go to a darker grey readability might be a bit of an issue. What do you think?

Renders by Heath Wasson http://heathw.cgsociety.org


The black dial is just your basic black.

Renders by Heath Wasson http://heathw.cgsociety.org


The green is a drab green that one would have seen on US military equipment in the WWII era.

 Renders by Heath Wasson http://heathw.cgsociety.org


We decided to also offer a desert tan which has been used by the US military in more recent times.

Renders by Heath Wasson http://heathw.cgsociety.org


The bold color we are thinking of offering is an electric blue. Currently lots of people are asking for more watches with blue dials. Typically brands would use a darker more conservative shade. We decided to try something that's more vibrant. We may opt to change to a different shade. This depends on feedback from people like you. If you would like to see us offer this color and you would be interested in buying a watch with it. Please email us at minutemanwatch@frontier.com and let us know. 

This first example is what our brand owner has in mind.

 Renders by Heath Wasson http://heathw.cgsociety.org


This version is what our designer has in mind and this is very similar to want our supplier has suggested. 

Renders by Heath Wasson http://heathw.cgsociety.org


For the movement we are planning to use a movement that is not on the market yet but should be in time for us to use it on this project. The movement would have a sizeable amount of American content. This would increase the US content overall for this series. The watches would be assembled in the USA just like our other models are. At present we are not liberty to discuss any other aspects of this new movement. As soon as we can tell you more we will. 

In closing we urge you to sign up for our newsletter which you can do that here. By doing this you can stay up to date with this and other projects. You will also get special discount offers for the products we carry on our www.cgawatches.com website

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If the price is right I’d honestly purchase every color except the green only because that color doesn’t agree with me… however if I have to pick do to me not making enough money to to buy all colors except green I’d choose between grey and tan although blue and then of course black will go on my with list… fyi, the ordered listed above is the order I’d purchase the 250 in…

Gary B

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