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Team Rubicon update July 2018

For those of you that don't know we've recently had a test fit of the parts from our Team Rubicon project. The fit was spot on and as such we have signaled to our suppliers that we will be accepting the parts they've made and will be sending them payment. This means we are getting closer to starting the build process. At this time we are waiting on final payments from those that have pre-ordered a Team Rubicon watch. 

Once most of the payments have been received we will move onto the next step. At present we are showing all of these as being sold out. We expect that some will become available for those that would like to purchase one. If your one of those folks you can contact us through our site and asked to be placed on a stand by list. 

Below is a photo from the recent parts test fit. We are quite pleased with the way these are looking.




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