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Our next Minuteman watch project.

Minuteman watches is currently considering our next series of watches. 

We've long wanted to have a watch with a regular price of $250 that we could pre sale for a lower amount. Having said that this would be a watch that is priced higher than current popular fashion type watches.  

For several years now we've been asked for a smaller watch and we've wanted to offer a watch that is about 38mm in width. We've also wanted to offer a watch that has both a day and a date function. Another item on our to do list has been to offer a dress type watch with applied markers. However we don't really feel a dress type watch is a good fit for our brand which generally offers field type military style watches. 

Here is what we are thinking at this point. Offer a watch that is 38mm in width. Use a Swiss quartz movement that features a day/date function. The watch would be water resistant to 100 meters and we would use a K1 mineral crystal. For the case we would use stainless steel. If we do a dress type watch we would use applied markers with no lume. If do a field type watch we would most likely use a Japanese lume. 

Here are some questions for you. 

1. Is this something you would be interested in buying?

2. What dial colors would you like to see?

3. Would you rather see us offer a dress type watch or a field type? 

Please share your thoughts with us by email us at minutemanwatch@frontier.com 

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